Ouch! My low back!

As spring is starting, more people are getting outside playing and gardening.  One common complaint that I see is with the low back, and if left untreated can flare up the sciatic nerve that goes down the leg.  Short of hiring someone else to do your playing and gardening, I always recommend a lumbar brace.  They really help keep the low back pain from starting and can keep it from worsening once it starts.

Think about it…Athletes brace up and support up before running out on the field and they are in top notch shape!  Yet, ‘Joe’ gets out there after sitting in an office all week and “overdoes it”.  You can buy lumbar braces at Wal-Mart or even stop by our office and someone will fit you with one properly!  So, brace up America, you’ll be glad you did!

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