Auto Accidents!

If you’ve ever been involved in an auto accident, then you know the headache that can accompany it – literally!  What most people do not understand is that injuries from auto accidents can start showing up days, weeks, even months after the actual accident.  We worry about getting our automobile up and going and forget about ourselves until its too late!

Whiplash symptoms can range from neck and arm pain to stiffness to headaches to fatigue, dizziness, vision trouble, ringing in ears, and even low back pain.

When a whiplash injury is severe and includes chronic pain it can lead to “whiplash associated disorder” symptoms, which include depression, anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, drug dependency, post-traumatic stress syndrome and insomnia.

As a chiropractor, Ive seen what can happen if these injuries aren’t treated properly.  At the Scarbrough Clinic, we can usually help auto accident victims get relief and heal properly while working with their PCP, attorney, and insurance company.

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