About Us

The Scarbrough Clinic does it all – and we do it with you in mind. Your health and well-being is priority one for us.


Dr. Tad Scarbrough is Dual Licensed as BOTH a Chiropractor & Family Nurse Practitioner!

Chiropractic Care

We handle everything from digital X-rays, chiropractic / joint manipulation, physiotherapy, injections, medications, to referring you for an MRI or even to a specialist!

Family Medicine

Being both a chiropractor as well as a family nurse practitioner gives us an insight to the anatomy, function, and the tools to treat most anything and everything in the field of physical medicine!

DOT Physicals

You know that we’ve always been the place for DOT physicals!  But did you know that we also do school, Coastguard for river boat, and BasicMed Flight Physicals too?

Our Team

Insurance & Billing

Robin Bishop


Ariel Sandage

Front Desk

Micahla Burns


Asked Questions​

Please call and give us 24-hours notice.  You can then come by and sign a release and pick up your copies. A release has to be signed by the patient whom the records are for.

When we send you for your MRI, the facility will give you a copy of your MRI on a disc to take to the specialist and will fax us a copy of the report. We will then call you to set up a time to review it, as well as send you to whichever appropriate specialist that you are wanting to be seen by

No Problem!  Approximately ⅓ of our patients do not have insurance. You will find that care is more affordable at our office when compared to other offices for what you get and what is included.

We do not perform any operations at our offices. If there is a possibility that an operation may be needed, we will send you for further testing with a specialist. We will assist you in communicating with the specialist and providing them with updated records. 

It is best if you call our office to book an appointment because we try our best to space patients out so you do not have to wait any longer than necessary. 

Pre-scheduled appointments are generally given priority in the office.

If you request an appointment via our website, please note that the appointment is not scheduled until confirmed by a member of our office staff via phone call.