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Posted on 03-13-2011

As I sat today watching "Cars" for the 1000th time with my kids, I couldn't help but think about how we (including myself) usually take better care of our cars than we do ourselves.  From the new tires to the regular oil changes, we stay on top of things because we know that our car may break down and leave us stranded.  Yet, we do not take the time to get our "maintenance" done, whether its our back or our blood pressure.

We usually keep going until our body makes us shut down for rest and repairs.  We, as humans, tend to take a magic marker and scribble over our "check engine soon" light, rather than have a doctor "check under the hood" and get the problem fixed.  Its funny how we all make some sort of new years resolution regarding health, yet that's probably the first ball we drop!

I recommend patients set regular exam dates on their calendar or in their smartphone to remind them of important blood work, chiropractic treatment, dental cleanings, and even eye exams, so that they don't "break down" on the side of the road.

Bones said:

You couldn't pay me to igrnoe these posts!

2011-10-18 19:35:47

Minnie said:

Essays like this are so important to broadening ppolee's horizons.

2011-10-19 02:23:17

Buddy said:

This has made my day. I wish all postgnis were this good.

2011-10-19 11:18:23

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